Mystery Scoopy Scoop - THE DARKER VERSION

  • $39.00

Mystery scoopy scoops!! Darker Version

exactly as the title suggests, a basket full of goodies in which you are guaranteed 9-13 items (sometimes more) per scoop. 

items may include: (all around a darker alternative theme)

- assorted hair scrunchies

- horror lanyards

- horror keychains

- monster keychains

- makeup brush 

- stress balls

- assorted hair accessories

- makeup headband

- spider claw clips 

- assorted beauty (lipbalms / plumpers etc)

- assorted necklaces

- assorted coin purses

- assorted keychains

- assorted claw clips

- fancy writing pens 

- sticker packs

and more!! 

Stock is constantly changing, the most current restock videos are always shown on our tiktok. 

images shown are example scoops. Loads of value for just $35 :)