Upcycled Treasures

Sharing my love for upcycling, I have decided to spread my passion and creativity with you all. 

I source my items from vintage and second-hand stores from all over Western Australia. 

No I am not simply buying and reselling items, there are many other stores that do this, and I like to be a bit different. 

What you will find here, is upcycled items, items I have either given new life to by adding a new coat of paint, adding on handmade resin creations such as skulls, or art deco inspired shapes.  Adding beading and other additions to bring to you a one off unique piece that no one else will have.

These items are one-offs, overhauled and reborn into something completely unique and beautiful to add that little extra something to your beautiful home decor <3 

Please note, some items are quite heavy, as they may be iron candle holders and unfortunately shipping will be quite pricey, but where possible, I will seek cheapest method and list this as an option.

Thank you for looking, hope you love these upcycled creations as much as I love creating them!  Please feel free to send me photos of your new treasure in it's new location, would love to see how it has been incorporated into your home decor!