Mystery Scoopy Scoop - STATIONARY TREATS

  • $35.00

Mystery scoopy scoops!! 

exactly as the title suggests, a basket full of goodies in which you are guaranteed 10-13 items (sometimes more) per scoop. 

Each scoop starts with a randomly selected notebook or weekly planner.  you can choose in notes at checkout if you prefer one over the other (while stocks last).  

for the mini lace up bag, please choose which colour from the menu :)

then for the scoop, items may include an assortment of:

- assorted novelty pencils

- assorted novelty pens

- cute / novelty white out

- novelty highlighters

- bookmarks

- assorted keychains

- and so much more

images shown are example scoops. Loads of value for just $35 :) 


Stock is constantly changing, the most current restock videos are always shown on our tiktok. 


Happy scooping!