Safety Key Chains - Wristlet

  • $25.00

Safety Key Chains

Having been attacked at a younger age personally, i would have found some of the items offered on these key chains useful during my situation to alert others that i am in danger and needed help.  Infact, there have been a few occasions in which i could have used having one of these key chains!  

So, Based off my own personal experiences, I wanted to offer something to those who may feel a little anxious whilst exercising, walking the dog, walking back to your car, worried about your children walking to and from school, your grandma or grandpa walking to the shops or the dog etc etc, to help them feel a little safer & have something on them if the worst happens and they (or you) are needing assistance, you can bring attention to yourself and hopefully get the help you need in that moment. 

I have made ones suitable for everyone, unisex, ladies, fellas, teenagers etc and tried to keep it at the most affordable price I could. Your safety is so important to me!  

Please refer to images for further description of which one you are purchasing <3

Here is a list of what is on this Safety Key Chain:

  • Personal Alarm (130DB Alarm once pin is pulled, built in LED Flashlight)
  • Alert Whistle (always good to have a back up in case your alarm has a flat battery etc)
  • Sanitizer Bottle in Pouch 
  • Bottle Opener
  • pill bottle 
  • Wristlet
  • Pom Pom


You may have seen some similar styles of these key chains on social media, usually from the states and containing a weapon or taser etc  As it is illegal to carry these items in Australia, i figured i would make my own variation of these key chains that we are allowed to carry here in Australia without weapons. 

These are NOT self defense key chains, these are more of a safety key chains or alert key chains.  Some items that can assist you in a stressful situation or high risk situations to bring attention / alert to your location.

Hopefully you will never need to use these items, but if you are ever in a situation in which you may need too, you'll have something on you to alert others that you need some help.  Stay safe and much love x 


***Some of the Finer Details:***

- All my Products are made with absolute love and care, I take extreme pride in all my creations.

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Thank you for looking and supporting small business, have a splendid day! :)