CLEARANCE Palm Sphere Candle - Strawberry - KC Alchemy

  • $19.00

How stunning is this Art Deco shaped palm sphere candle!

Approx 14 centimetres high, this beautiful candle is sure to impress.

No need to burn can act as decor as the scent simply releases into the area it sits or you can burn of course as that is what it is intended for!   

Approx 3 hour burn time (always remember to place onto a candle plate and never leave your candle un attended)

- 100% Natural Soy

- Pink

- Scented Strawberry

- Handmade in Melbourne, Australia


Disclaimer: each candle is handmade and therefore can come with small minor imperfections due to being fragile. By purchasing this candle you understand that it has imperfections and are happy to accept it.



Candle Care (As written by the makers, KC Alchemy):

At KC Alchemy, we only work with 100% natural soy and 0 additives to provide you with the most natural candle possible. 

However, because the soy is so natural, this will cause changes within your candles.  They change with weather temperatures.  Example, when the weather is colder, it will frost and unstick from the glass.  When your candle is hot, it will expand and hug the glass again.  This is completely normal for all real soy candles. 

Trim your wick before each burn and do not burn your candle any longer than 4 hours at a time.

Always leave 1-2cm of wax at the bottom of the candle, never leave it to burn out. 

If you have a glass jar, remember not to puck it up or touch it while the wax is hot!!  Always burn pillar candle on a plate, never on your benches directly as the melting wax can stain. 





***Some of the Finer Details:***

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